Split CD w/ Ataraxy - "In Torment"

by MeVdA

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MeVdA track only.


Casa, 31.03.10, 03:23;

"Pace non si trova e nel mal di vivere spesso ci si ritrova. Or giunge la Santa Pasqua e ricordar l'estremo sacrificio di Dio fatto uomo "vorrei", eppur difficile è provare tale sentimento e ricorrenza mnemonica. Piuttosto sperimento smarrimento e paura nel sentirmi lontano dal sentiero della Croce e ardentemente prego affinché l'illuminata strada possa ritrovare."


released March 10, 2012

MeVdA is MeVdA.

MeVdA track recorded on 31.03.'10.

VBP 097 - MeVdA / Ataraxy "In Torment" pro split CD-R, released on March 10th 2012.

Without planning it, this split release turned out to be the second release featuring both MeVdA (Switzerland) and Ataraxy (Germany) about the topic "Easter". MeVdA's part of the split is a 20 minutes drone noise / harsh noise track and Ataraxy contributed a HNW-recording of almost 20 minutes with different stuff on the left and right speaker.

CD-R with black/white sticker with black/white layout for slim-DVD-cases and a black/white insert, limited to 30 copies.




MeVdA Switzerland

MeVdA is a drone noise project started in 2007 by Attila Folklor in Camedo, Switzerland. Currently, Attila Folklor resides in Zurich.
The main themes translated into MeVdA’s noise are the dichotomy “mountain vs. city”, spiritual issues and contemplation.
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